Friday, February 1, 2008

Rejection Slip Theater Episode 24a

Hey, kids, wake up! It's time for Rejection Slip Theater ©, podcast Episode 24a, first aired on radio in 1994. In tonight's episode...

Whaddya mean, it's not night? You're listening to this stuff during daylight hours? Donchya know that can hurt your eyes? Sheesh....Okay, since this is radio, and anything goes, so just pretend it's night. .

Now, where was I...lessee, Hey, Kids, blah, blah, blah....oh yeah, on tonight's episode the Rejection Players take you on a hunting expedition in...

What, now?

No, this isn't a real hunting expedition, and no real animals were hurt in the making of this Mind Movie (TM) fact, Rejection Slip Theater is the only podcast radio drama program that has been approved by PETA. *.

Now, quit interrupting. There are millions of listeners who want to hear the dang hunting story.

Plus we take you to Vermont for a major minor league baseball game like nothing you've ever experienced, unless, of course, you're really weird or live in Vermont. Say, Cheese!.

And, as always, we visit Westwood, New Jersey, Exit 168 off the Garden State Parkways (Exit 165 if you want to save a dime) for a visit with Artie Azzetti and the Gang at St. Anthony's Elementary School where they learn the true meaning of Bingo!.

It's all just a click away: .

Remember, kids: Tell your friends where you heard it--for free--on Rejection Slip Theater Podcast Radio ©. Credits: Rejection Slip Theater (original © 1993), was created and produced by Joseph Pundzak and Paul Berge. Michael Meacham, Technical Director. This episode's Rejection Players cast features: Michael Meacham, Michael Cornelison, Richard Choate, Patty Choate and Joseph Pundzak.

Joseph Pundzak, Executive Producer. Original music by Jamie Poulsen. All Artie Azzetti And The Gang © stories were written and performed by Paul Berge, all rights reserved. All original written stories remain the copyrighted property of the authors, used with permission by Rejection Slip Theater, which retains all rights to the audio productions. Most performers are available for voice work through Radio Garage in Urbandale, Iowa: (

* PETA: Professional Entertaining Talking Animals.

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"...and I've been your host, Paul Berge. Good night...or good morning. Whatever works."


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