Friday, December 15, 2006

Rejection Slip Theater Programs 10A, 11A and 12A...Canadian, eh?

"Hey, Kids, wake up! It's time for..." Three hours of original Rejected Holiday Radio Drama, Comedy, Adventure--and a few castrated chipmunks roasting on an open fire--this Rejection Slip Theater Holiday Special ©, which first aired in 1994 on WHO News Radio 1040 AM, has it all.

We've clumped several years of RST Christmas Specials into one mother-of-all radio event and spread them over Programs 10A, 11A and 12A. There's enough holiday cheer and anxiety in this yule blog to raise Hunter Thompson from the near-dead and get you to rethinking the true meaning behind Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life. Fer instance, did you ever wonder why George Bailey--a real estate developer--was allegedly so wonderful? Think about it--he was rude to just about everyone, spoke with his mouthful at dinner and never explained to anyone (except his imaginary friend, the angel Clarence) where the $8000 went. Instead, he did what Baileys had been doing for generations, he shook down the good folks of Bedford Falls with vague threats of turning them out of their Bailey Park double-wides by hiking the interest on their adjustable-rate mortgages. And, sure he supposedly saved brother Harry from drowning in 1919, but whose dumb idea was it in the first place to go sledding (shoveling) on thin ice? Why, George Baileyoski's, that's whose? Hee-Haw! And did his buddy in the police department ever run George Bailey in for vandalizing that old Granville house...a house, mind you, that George Bailey was able to purchase at far less than market value after trashing it? I'm just saying...
Now, suppose the story had taken a different twist; perhaps, if George Bailey had received his wish to have never been born, would it be possible that upon returning to Bedford Falls/Pottersville that life there might have been better instead of worse without those Baileys?
Well, not to sprinkle ground glass on your Christmas pudding, but some of the Rejection Slip Theater staff writers have long pondered these issues. And while we couldn't answer them, our executive producer, Joseph Pundzak, did come up with a splendid holiday tale called, A Leveraged Christmas©. In the cast is just about every member of the Rejection Players, listed here in no particular order: Morgan Halgren, Richard Choate, Ric Johnson, Michael Meacham, Jamie Poulsen, Annie Meacham, Kathleen Berge, DVM (it's not every radio show that has a real veterinarian on staff)...and a whole bunch more.

But wait, there's more!
If you click through now to:
You'll not only get Joe Pundzak's The Leveraged Christmas, but you'll also be able to hear Paul Berge's Artie Azzetti Christmas © 1993, starring Artie Azzetti and the Gang© from Saint Anthony's Elementary School (some say it's a thinly disguised St. Andrews Grammar School) in Westwood, New Jersey 07675 (Exit 168 on the Garden State Parkway or #165 if you want to save a toll).

Credits: Rejection Slip Theater (original © 1993), was created and produced by Joseph Pundzak and Paul Berge. Michael Meacham, Technical Director. Joseph Pundzak, Executive Producer. Original music by Jamie Poulsen. All original written stories remain the copyrighted property of the authors, used with permission by Rejection Slip Theater, which retains all rights to the audio productions. Most performers are available for voice work through Radio Garage in Urbandale, Iowa (
Some of the RST radioplays are available for theatrical production. Contact us for fees and copyrights at: Write "RST scripts" in the subject bar. No attachments, Fwd, viri or embedded messages, please, or we'll report you to Sister Belladona, and you'll be in detention so fast it'll make your hat spin, mister!
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