Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Rejection Slip Theater 13a ©

Hey, kids, wake up! It's time for Rejection Slip Theater ©, podcast episode 13 A, in which actor Greg Anderson does some of his finest panicky delivery while attempting to fly a US Navy F4U Corsair fighter off an aircraft carrier--at night. You just can't get this quality realism on YouTube, MeTube, CheeseTube or any other visually-impaired medium. It takes radio (or in this case, podcast audio) to splash a mind movie across your imagination.
So, sit back, close your eyes--unless you're driving--and listen to Rejection Slip Theater's podcast episode 13A featuring: On The Wing written by Bill Durst, starring Greg Anderson and introducing Joe Parish.
And, of course, we head back in time to Westwood, New Jersey 07675 to visit Paul Berge's Artie Azzetti and the Gang © in Buy Und Get Out. And for all you Catholic school survivors willing to admit you still have a thing for plaid, we bring you Nunsuch Nonsense ©, written by Paul Berge and starring: Michael Cornelison, Carol Gale and Annie Meacham as the nun.
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Credits: Rejection Slip Theater (original © 1993), was created and produced by Joseph Pundzak and Paul Berge. Michael Meacham, Technical Director. Joseph Pundzak, Executive Producer. Original music by Jamie Poulsen. All original written stories remain the copyrighted property of the authors, used with permission by Rejection Slip Theater, which retains all rights to the audio productions. Most performers are available for voice work through Radio Garage in Urbandale, Iowa ( Some of the RST radioplays are available for theatrical production. Contact us for fees and copyrights at: Write "RST scripts" in the subject bar. No attachments, Fwd, viri or embedded messages, please, or we'll report you to Homeland Insecurity and you'll never shampoo again! Our podcast guru is Dan Wardell. More RST podcasts at: RST web site and Contact Us: "Good night...or good morning. Whatever works."

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