Monday, November 13, 2006

Rejection Slip Theater Program 3A © 1994

Rejection Slip Theater © Episode 3A ( ), first aired in 1994, includes:
"Action News Never Sleeps" a horror mind movie about an air traffic controller in serious need of a good night's sleep. Written by Paul Berge (an FAA air traffic controller himself from 1979 to 1997). The cast: Richard Choate and Wayne Oleson.
"Memory of the Revolution" stars: Morgan Halgren (yeah, the Morgan Halgren of Iowa Public Television--IPTV--"Living in Iowa" fame).
"Best Laid Plans" stars Patty Dunning, Michael Cornelison (yup, the same Michael Cornelison who co-starred in Max Allan Collins' movie, Mommy and the Stephen King movie The Woman In The Room, directed by Frank Darabont), plus Greg Anderson and Ric Johnson, two of the deepest voices in radio. They make James Earl Jones sound like a sissy tenor.
And this week's visit to Artie Azzetti and the Gang © in Westwood, New Jersey, 1964, is titled, "Call The Beatles," written and performed by Paul Berge.

Credits: Rejection Slip Theater © 1993, was created and produced by Joseph Pundzak and Paul Berge. Michael Meacham, Technical Director. Joseph Pundzak, Executive Producer. Michael Cornelison, Director, Bill Clinton, POTUS. Original music by Jamie Poulsen. All original written stories remain the copyrighted property of the authors, used with permission by Rejection Slip Theater, which retains all rights to the audio productions. Most performers are available for voice work through Radio Garage in Urbandale, Iowa ( Our podcast guru is Dan Wardell. More RST podcasts at: RST web site and Contact Us:

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