Monday, November 13, 2006

Rejection Slip Theater Program 7A

Rejection Slip Theater © episode 7A ( ), originally aired in 1994, presents the continuing adventures of Frank Taylor and Reginald Barker III in "China Seas." ©
"China Seas" was written by Paul Berge (under the pen name, Armand Cassandra).
"China Seas" cast: Richard Choate, Michael Cornelison, Patti Choate, Carol Gale, Ed Weiss

"Night Light" was written by...well, by someone, but I've misplaced my notes so I'll have to come back to this. It no doubt has a stellar cast, but that list, too, was on the same cocktail napkin as the author credits. Still, I know it's a great story by a fine rejected author because RST wouldn't have unrejected it if it weren't...and you have to admit it took some courage to use the subjunctive there. So, just listen to Episode 7A and this will make more sense. After that, please drop us a note saying who wrote "Night Light" and who's in the cast. (This is so embarrassing.)

Speaking of embarrassing, we return again to Westwood, New Jersey, circa 1963, for the continuing Adventures of Artie Azzetti and the Gang © as they build a "Tree Fort," written and performed by Paul Berge.

Credits: Rejection Slip Theater (original © 1993), was created and produced by Joseph Pundzak and Paul Berge. Michael Meacham, Technical Director. Joseph Pundzak, Executive Producer. Original music by Jamie Poulsen. All original written stories remain the copyrighted property of the authors, used with permission by Rejection Slip Theater, which retains all rights to the audio productions. Most performers are available for voice work through Radio Garage in Urbandale, Iowa ( Some of the RST radioplays are available for theatrical production. Contact us for fees and copyrights at: Write "RST scripts" in the subject bar. No attachments, Fwd, viri or embedded messages, please, or we'll report you to the pod cops! Our podcast guru is Dan Wardell. More RST podcasts at: RST web site and Contact Us: "Good night...or good morning. Whatever works."

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